YouTube marketing - organic & paid

YouTube marketing - organic & paid

This course unravels the synergy between organic content and paid advertising on YouTube, providing you with the tools to effectively grow your channel and business with paid advertising.

Cory Henke

Cory Henke

Founder at Variable Media

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Cory Henke is a digital advertising expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry. As the founder of Variable Media, a successful ad agency with a focus on data and analytics, particularly in the realm of video advertising on YouTube, Cory has been helping businesses succeed in the world of digital advertising for over 6 years. In addition to running his own agency, Cory has also been sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience as a speaker at conferences for the past 5 years.

Who should attend this course?

This course is perfect for marketing and advertising professionals interested in the synergy of organic and paid advertising within YouTube. Media buying, Google Ads, and video advertising within a marketer's role only will add to the experience.

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Course content

Organic YouTube growth

  • Understand the fundamentals of channel and video optimization
  • Learn the importance of content diversification and targeted niche strategie
  • Analyze industry trends and utilize advanced tools and AI for channel growth
  • Study real-world case studies demonstrating successful organic growth techniques.

Paid YouTube advertising

  • Gain insights into advanced advertising theories and client strategies
  • Explore best practices for bidding, placement, creative development, and audience targeting
  • Address challenges in creative content and attribution
  • Stay ahead with upcoming features and betas in YouTube advertising

Synergizing organic and paid strategies

  • Discover the power of combining organic content with paid advertising
  • Examine case studies showcasing the successful integration of both strategies
  • Learn tactics for leveraging paid campaigns to enhance organic reach
  • Prepare for future trends and predictions in YouTube advertising

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What to expect

Attendees can expect a full training on YouTube organic and paid synergy, strategy, and case studies of success. During 4 full sessions, we will walk-through the consistent traits of better than average channels and their unique advertising strategy to grow their channels as well as their companies.

Gain hands-on knowledge with practical applications, analyzing successful channels and their unique advertising strategies. Understand that while there is no shortcut to growth, certain tactics can effectively leverage advertising to broaden your reach and enhance audience engagement.

Organic views are fleeting, leaning on a paid solution to put your brand in front of a mass audience for an efficient cost is a repeatable successful solution. Participate in in-depth discussions on attribution and platform selection, crucial aspects of today's digital marketing landscape.

By the end of this course, you will have a robust understanding of YouTube advertising theory, creative strategy, and the importance of blending organic and paid methodologies for optimal channel growth.

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