Free single day tickets

We allocate thousands of free single day tickets each year for brightonSEO conferences.

How we distribute free tickets

For our UK event we had to introduce a system because demand for our free tickets kept crashing ticketing platforms then selling out in minutes which was all a tad too frantic for us and the internet.

Instead of all that drama we now open a free ticket application form for a limited period before each conference. If you’d like a free ticket you just enter your details then we randomly select people who will be offered free tickets.

Not everyone who enters gets a free ticket so if you want to ensure you get a ticket you can buy one.

You also can't have more than one free ticket so if you want to attend both days of the conference you'll need to buy a ticket.

November 2024's free tickets

Free tickets are valid for one day only. When you apply for a free ticket you can specify which date you’d prefer or let us pick one at random. Content will be different on each day with topics spread across both days so you can pick based on your availability (not by topic theme).

November 2024's free ticket applications will be open from 12pm PT January 29 until 12pm PT February 2.

Add the dates to your schedule via this handy link so you don't miss out!

What are the ticket options?

One way to avoid the scramble for tickets would be to scrap the free tickets but that’s not our style and we like having different ticket types for people to choose from:

Free tickets

A one-day ticket option that’s great for people starting out in the industry or who want to try the brightonSEO experience.

Friend tickets

A chance to secure a ticket easily (particularly valuable if your time is precious), attend both days of the conference and enjoy perks like our famous merch

VIP best friend tickets

All the perks of our friend tickets plus some extra special bonus features

Training tickets

For people who really want to get the most from the event. They arrive a day early for a full-day of training to delve deep into one topic and then get the variety of the conference as well