Auditing & analysis

Lessons learned from auditing over 8500 Google Business Profiles

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

Greg will share the results of a massive two year research project that analyzed over 1.6 million data points across over 8,500 Google Business Profiles.

Instead of the theoretical side of GBP, he'll share real-world data about which factors are influencing ranking... and which aren't.

The data was pulled from three verticals, so Greg will outline the differences between key factors in each vertical as well.

Some points will make perfect sense - and others will shock you.

Ranking in the map pack isn't as straightforward as everyone thought.

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The most common hreflang issues across 374,756 domains

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

A study of 374,756 domains by Ahrefs found 67% of domains have at least one hreflang issue.

This is nearly 10x the size of any previous study.

Patrick will run you through the findings and give more details on which issues break things, and what Google will let you get away with.

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Futureproofing your digital presence in the age of AI-powered search

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

AI powered search has become mainstream, and every business is leveraging AI to improve quality and efficiency of their product, services delivered. In this session, we will share best practices and checklist to prioritize application of AI for visual optimization, content intelligence and experience. We will share how to use data to benchmark and forecast accurately and create rock solid roadmap for 2024.

Visual Optimization Score Card: With the emergence of multi-search platforms and tools like Google Lens, visual optimization is no longer optional—it's essential. We'll explore how to harness Google's NLP and OpenAI to transform your digital assets into recognizable entities, which helps in boosting the relevance and prominence of any brand. We'll provide a straightforward three-step process to achieve this and audit checklist which helps in scoring any assets.

Content Score Card: Dive deep into the SWOT and Content Intelligence. We'll present a comprehensive scorecard which includes qualitative, quantitative, and performance metrics. Plus, we'll outline a five-step strategy to infuse content intelligence into your content creation process. This involves analyzing competitors and identifying entity gaps to ensure your content stands out.

User Experience Score Card: Personalization is the name of the game. Learn how to leverage customer data, website data to craft most engaging and personalized experiences based on various metrics, including geography, customer engagement etc.

Benchmarking & Forecasting: Data-driven decisions are the best decisions. We'll guide you on how to use historical data to forecast and benchmark the impact of your digital strategies accurately.

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