Link building

How to drive product page rankings with a funnel of content and links

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

In this presentation, Nick will share how to use a mix of link building and SEO content marketing to directly affect the rankings of key product/service/solutions pages, while also driving secondary KPIs.

In competitive markets, on-page optimization and sound technical SEO are often not enough.

As much as we wish we could just build links directly to product pages, that’s not a reality in sustainable, white-hat SEO.

That’s why it’s necessary to use a full-funnel approach to drive product page rankings.

Marketing Managers, VPs, CMOs, and C-suite all care about bottom-line results.

With SEO, it can be difficult to paint the picture of driving conversions beyond product page rankings.

That’s why we’re hyper-focused on moving those product page rankings, WHILE also hitting additional KPIs.

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'Money page' link building success: don't skip these three critical elements

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

It's time to get meta with our link building. James will showcase solutions to challenging aspects that are critical to the success of a campaign - and are particularly crucial when building links to sales landing pages.

In his talk, James will provide an approach to answering the three questions that often go under-explored or overlooked altogether:
1: What pages do we build links to, and how many links do we need?
2: When creating content to support links, what topics, niches do we even pursue?
3: How do we know what impact the links have had, and whether we have a positive ROI?

These critical questions are incredibly challenging without a framework or the right tools, but will largely determine the success of a campaign, far beyond the impact of the individual backlinks themselves.

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How to drive national, state, and city specific coverage from your US digital PR campaigns

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

As International Digital PR Manager at connective3 Eirini supports our US Digital PR teams in the delivery of performance driven Digital PR activity.

2022 US Search Awards nominees connective3 have a host of clients based across the US. They work across Retail, Tech and iGaming sectors and have a proven track record of delivering nationwide coverage that drives organic performance.

In her talk, Eirini will detail the importance of digital PR when it comes to online visibility, and offer the best tips, tricks, and methods to ensure you're getting the most from your digital PR strategy.

She will outline the strategic approach, adopted by connective3's US Digital PR team, to demonstrate how to come up with creative campaigns that are relevant to your industry, and drive search performance.

Her talk will then cover how to take these creative concepts and apply them to get national, state, and city coverage from leading media outlets across the US.

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