Enterprise SEO - Crawling and Indexing at scale - How we were able to have Google index 5 million pages in 3 months

brightonSEO San Diego 2024

In this talk, Philip shares the strategies and tactics used to achieve the indexing of 5 million pages on Google in just 3 months. He will focus on three key areas that drove this success: crawl budget optimization, internal linking strategy audits, and XML sitemap optimization. He dives deeper into how to identify and increase crawl budget, reduce page processing time, and leverage topical authority to improve Google's understanding of content. He also covers the importance of auditing internal linking strategies to ensure efficient crawling and indexing.

Additionally, Philip shares insights on how to optimize XML sitemaps for improved indexation and reveals the enterprise tools used to track progress. Through this presentation, Philip provides actionable insights and real-world examples to help attendees scale their own enterprise SEO efforts.

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