Go beyond chatGPT and learn to use generative AI to scale your digital marketing

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

In this talk, Fred will share some of the ways GPT and generative AI can help advertisers streamline their account management routines.

While GPT is best known for its ability to write ad texts, Fred will show ways it can be used to do much more, including creating audiences, identifying the relevance of search terms, and even creating scripts to automate entire workflows.

Fred will also shed light on some of the more technical details of generative AI and how it compares with the old-school machine-learning flavors of AI that have been part of digital marketing for much longer.

You will learn how to use generative AI yourself in a scalable way so that you can go beyond chatGPT and deploy generative AI across the multitude of accounts and campaigns you’re responsible for.

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