Google’s local knowledge panel – the CMS you never knew you had

brightonSEO San Diego 2024

In this talk Claire will delve into the evolution of the Local Knowledge Panel in terms of form and function from the early days of the knowledge graph through to today, where these panels have been described as ‘your new home page’ and which for some business types drive the lion’s share of business critical conversions.

The ‘new home page’ analogy is an appealing one - but here we’re talking about a home page for which we don’t have ultimate control, a home page that can feature less than ideal content, poor feedback from our customers (or people pretending to be our customers), and content that can even showcase our competitors.

Claire will outline the changing features of the panel and detail which parts of the content can be managed via Google Business Profile, and which parts are harder (or impossible) to influence.

This talk will provide you with the knowledge and tactics that will allow you to go ahead and get rid of any crappy content, make your business profile SHINE, and earn those sweet sweet customer conversions.

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