Performance Max & Smart Bidding: reframe your approach to Google Ads in 2024

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

New machine learning tech from Google Ads demands a new mindset.

You can’t approach Performance Max like Search or Shopping and expect to get results. And you can’t use Smart Bidding without your own data to refine its performance.

In this presentation, Menachem will walk you through how to adapt your mentality and best practices to get the best possible results when using Performance Max and Smart Bidding.

When you attend Menachem’s talk, you’ll learn:

-What’s changed – and what continues to change – in Google Ads
-Differentiation and evolution of the PPC manager role
-Advice on using Performance Max & Smart Bidding optimally

Get your seat early and learn how to set yourself up for a growth-packed 2024 on Google Ads.

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