Work your assets off: build with distribution in mind for more impact with less effort

brightonSEO San Diego 2023

Are you getting your full money’s worth from your content?

The constant content clutter in the pursuit of vanity metrics is damaging our relationships with our audiences.

What’s the antidote?

Here’s what it’s not: It’s not running to stand still with the latest trends or tweaks that will have incremental impact.

If you want high-impact content, you need to build to last and scale your distribution. The key here for us content marketers is to do less, not more.

Create timeless content campaigns. Get regular use out of them. Sprinkle in shorter shelf life current ‘trends’. Mix and match. You don’t have to work harder and harder.

High impact comes from designing your content and distribution to work harder for you. In this session, Puna will share practical content creation strategies for making the most out of each piece of content you build.

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